About Us

Gridlock Lacquer was founded by Lisa Menchetti in 2013 in Buffalo, NY.

    The concept originated when mainstream polish brands began using cities as inspiration for polish names. There had been plenty of colors named for the Big Apple, but nothing derived from the smaller city gems that make up so many great parts of the US. 
    The original collection included 7 polishes named for some of the best known features of Buffalo: Loganberry, Chicken Wings, Snow and Buffalo's beloved sports teams, among others. The concept caught on and quickly expanded to Pittsburgh, and now more city collections are in the works! The plan is to focus on cities that have a strong history of tradition and civic pride.  Check back soon to see where we plan to go next!
    For more information, please email at gridlocklacq@gmail.com
      Gridlock Lacquer is usually a one woman show- but great thanks is due to the best family and friends who have helped with years of polish name brainstorming, heavy box moving, bottle capping, post office running, event booth manning, major mess cleaning and endless contribution making to tiny details and big plans. Gridlock Lacquer would not exist without you.  <3